Chase now has three 100k IAG Avios earning cards!, China goes visa free (for Hainan visits), should airline lounges look like co-working spaces, Etihad and Emirates to get out of the subsidy jail

Posted on April 19, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Chase bankers have been pitching the IAG bosses last year and voila we now have three (almost identical) Chase cards for their TOP 3 airline brands Iberia, British Airways and Aer Lingus (all offering 50,000 points at sign up plus spend related bonuses)

These cards have historically not been affected by the 5/24 rule and Chase should (instantly) approve you if you have good enough credit.

– China is switching to visa free entries (including for United States citizens) for visits to the island of Hainan – a decision that will surely boost the destination and Hainan Airlines

China is permitting 30-day visa-free visits to Hainan, a tropical island province in the South China Sea and home of Hainan Airlines. The policy is also likely to benefit Guangzhou-based China Southern Airlines, which has a branch company on the island. The policy will take effect May 1. The government said it will not require people from 59 countries to get visas before visiting Hainan. This is “to support the opening up of Hainan and to take a step in promoting international tourism,” among other reasons, it said.

– should airline lounges be more like co-working places? Yes please!

– Emirates and Etihad (represented by the UAE government) are seemingly close to a deal on the subsidy issue along the lines of the Qatar deal

For all the media hype it seems this deal is largely perfect for Emirates and Etihad as they are:

– drawing down on subsidies anyways as their business is much more mature

– they don’t have a ton of interest in using the EU Open Skies agreement for EU – US flights anyways

– they can just buy a European airline and avoid this whole topic (as Etihad tried with Alitalia and Air Berlin and Qatar is now trying with Air Italy)