Why aircraft seat manufacturers are a failing industry, the current best business class seats and a new United Polaris route

Posted on January 22, 2018 by in Travel Deals

– Boeing is getting closer tie-up with seat manufacturer Adient to boost production

The dirty little secret of aircraft production is that seat manufacturers yield an enormous power – often beyond Airbus and Boeing as they are the gateways for an approved airline seat design that every airline has to go through. While Boeing and Airbus are well run companies who are able to keep delivery deadlines despite the complexity of aircraft design the seat manufacturers are unable to build seats at scale. It’s an industry that is unable (and unwilling) to innovate at scale (smaller manufacturers are innovating but don’t have the resources).

No Chinese mega company has set foot into this market to bring down cost and increase efficiency – Boeing is stepping despite the huge risk to alienate seat manufacturers – what a failing industry!

– and here is a ‘failing industry’ line-up of current seats – these costs a fortune and you’ll have to wait at least 2.5 years even if you are Lufthansa or United!

– case in point is United which is one of the world’s biggest airlines and still does not have enough market power to push Zodiac to deliver seats as planned for the new Polaris business class – now a second (!) route to Tel Aviv is finally ready to go and you can book it with miles right now