20% off hotels.com?!, Norwegian actually about to launch domestic Argentina operations, United gets some old planes (that’s news)

Posted on January 30, 2018 by in Travel Deals

hotels.com and Capital One have launched at 20% off deal if you pay with a Capital One Venture card

This sounds like a good deal but in reality you can get this already (if not more) for many hotels. You can just apply coupon TAKE10FEB18 for 10% off many hotels at hotels.com.

Orbitz offers 15% off many hotels incl Hyatt and Starwood (but not Marriott or Hilton and other chains) plus there is Cashback for Orbitz and the 3x with the Chase Sapphire.

Capital One customer service for their cards is horrific and I you can only pray you never have to file any claims or fraud on these cards.

I’m not a fan of the semi-static rewards that hotels.com offers. The 11th night is free and based on the average spend of the 10 prior. But you can only get ONE night – not split in two. It’s quite limiting.

Norwegian is about to announce its route network for domestic Argentina flights

In terms of network, the budget carrier is planning on serving Buenos Aires, Córdoba Int’l, Mendoza, Ushuaia, Salta, Tucumán, and Iguazu initially before venturing abroad. Operations will initially be on-board B737-800 equipment before B737 MAX 8s are introduced. B787-9s are expected towards year-end for use in developing long-haul services.

I find this quite amazing that the carriers follows through with this.

– United is getting new planes – well not exactly new it is three 767s that Hawaiian gave up on

The 767-300ERs are said to be coming from Hawaiian Airlines via Boeing Capital and will join United’s fleet in the second half of 2018. Hawaiian plans to retire its 767 fleet this year. While the 767s are the only used aircraft included in United’s latest fleet plan, which envisions adding 24 mainline aircraft in 2018, executives are leaving the door open for more deals.

“I love used airplanes, as many of you know,” United CFO Andrew Levy told analysts on a recent earnings call. “There will be many more used aircraft to talk about as time goes on and as we take advantage of the spot market.”