Turkey Visas are back!, A380 production to be cancelled?, 1,500 miles per car rental, 3.5M Mabuhay miles and 3M Enrich miles up for grabs

– big news – Turkey is now issuing evisa again for American passport holders (and consulates are also resuming issuance of any other kind of visas for Turkey)

Airline Credit Cards

– Airbus is now waiting for a ‘final’ new Emirates order or it will kill plane production

While I love the plane I would not count it to be made much longer.

– Turkish Miles & Smiles has a new car rental booking interface (from rentalcar.com) that works well and offers up to 1,500 miles per rental

Airline Credit Cards

– Mabuhay Miles (Philippine Airlines’ loyalty program) is giving away 35 times 100,000 miles if you earn at least 3,500 miles from non-flying activities

With the holiday around the corner, shop, dine, drive and unwind for a chance to FLY for free. Every 3,500 Miles converted or earned from non-flight activities entitles you to one (1) electronic raffle entry. Thank you for 35 rewarding years. What are you waiting for?

– Malaysia Airlines Enrich is running a 3 million miles giveaway if you spend at least RM 275 ($68; RM 300 before coupon) at their new Astro Go Shop