Saudi Arabia tourist visa coming?!, dramatic Air Canada video, Air France to cancel First Class sales tickets, Etihad cuts Teheran and Entebbe, Philippine Airlines now goes nonstop to Toronto

Posted on December 22, 2017 by in Travel Deals

– Saudia Arabia seems to be serious about issuing tourist visas next year

Initially the talk was just of the ‘special tourist zones’ near the Read Sea but it now seems to plan a wider e-visa similar to what Bahrain does for most countries (some countries like the US get a visa on arrival as well).

– scary engine backfire on video when this 767 tried to take off from Vancouver airport yesterday (ultimately it was aborted)

– Air France has begun cancelling the 4,000 (!) tickets booked in First Class on Tuesday

My booking made with Orbitz stills shows as perfectly valid. Let’s see what happens.

– Etihad is cutting service to Teheran and Entebbe next year

Cutting Teheran might have some political motive but it’s sad to see them leave Eastern Africa.

– Philippine Airlines is cutting their stop in Vancouver and now flies Toronto to Manila direct – it’s apparently their first Polar flight!