Can ICOs work for the travel loyalty industry?, 60,000 Barclays Jetblue card, 10,000 Hyatt bonus points with Chase credit card referral

Posted on November 10, 2017 by in Chase Sapphire Reserve

– the Economist comes out in praise of ICOs – a new instrument to raise money for startups from the blockchain

Yes it is mostly fraud right now but it is an exciting instrument since ICOs done right allow you ‘print your own currency or loyalty currency’. This has major implications for the travel industry since it has been addicted to loyalty and price matching (like a cartel) for so long.

The ‘tokens’ or coins you buy in an ICO offer an intrinsic value promised by the company (this can be anything you want to define) but in addition these tokens can be traded on public exchanges. Imagine loyalty points that offer ‘free flights’ but also can be traded easily on an exchange!

– JetBlue points aren’t the most value but hey 60,000 points is a great offer from Barclays now

– you can now refer friends for the Chase Hyatt credit card through the Chase Refer-a-Friends portal and earn 10,000 Hyatt bonus points

You can support us if you apply through our link.

Th good news – this card is NOT subject to 5/24 and the only thing between card approval is your good credit score.