40,000 Business Aviator card, how safe are mileage brokers for premium tickets?, 50,000 American AAdvantage Bonus miles for holiday activities

– there is now again a working link for the Barclays 40,000 Aviator Business Credit Card (Thanks MtM

Airline Credit Cards

There are no real reason not to get this card if you have a business.

a good summary about discount business class ticket brokers

Airline Credit Cards

I generally find them to be in-transparent but savings can be great especially if you are used to paying cash for Premium tickets. While the article does not spell this out, most tickets are ultimately award tickets from other people’s miles that you pay for.

– American AAdvantage offers a up to 50,000 bonus points for ‘holiday activities’

It sounds like the lovely US Airways Grand Slam – but it is not as wild in earnings potential. It still has some good deals that are worth considering even if you can’t achieve 10 qualifying activities.