Mighty Travels – Tracking cheap Business and Economy fares – how are we doing it?

Posted on October 2, 2017 by in Fare Monitoring Service, Mighty Travels Premium

For the last two years we have been building tools to give you a better way to access airfare deals. We have always been frustrated with the inconsistent nature of other sites that either push fares on to you that are no deals or give you deals that are not bookable.

Mighty Travels (even in a free version) has built a solution that alerts you to 98% of all bookable airfare deals out there for fares in the next 365 days. We provide one daily overview of all best fares that do not repeat for 21 days.

We cover almost 3,000 commercial airports and see about 2,000 deals every day. We show data for ‘legacy airlines’ and low cost airlines all over the planet.

Unlike other flight search engines you don’t need to provide dates/ class of service or set of destinations. We present the best deals to you automatically.

With our Premium membership you also get real time access to almost all ‘mistake fares’ for just $7.99/month. Yes we have missed a few but we can count it on one hand for a whole year.

1) Daily Posts at Mighty Travels

Almost every day you can find a Daily Post on Mighty Travels with selected Economy and Business Class deals.

As a reminder we consider it a ‘deal’ if we see a CPM (Cents per Mile flown) under 6 for Economy and under 20 for Business Class.

Also we never repeat a deal unless it has gotten at least 10% cheaper within a 21 days time frame.

We also post the deals on Twitter every day. One every 15 minutes largely synced with time zones.

2) Free email subscriptions

You can sign up with your email for free daily fare alerts. Join more than 15,000 email subscriber who enjoy this service. I have done email marketing for more than a decade but never seen such minimal unsubscribe rates – people love it.

There is one restriction – per one email address you can only subscribe to one departure airport. We also include all deals within a 50 mile radius so you don’t miss deals from say Oakland, CA just because you subscribe to San Francisco, CA.

3) Mighty Travels Premium

Our Premium Membership allows access to ALL deals in real time. We have released a new dashboard recently and it has gotten rave reviews from our 1,000+ subscribers for its easy access and search capabilities.

The Premium Membership also gets you real time access to fares via text that are especially urgent and good deals (i.e. fares that are too goo to be true).

4) MightyFares

Over summer we have taken the time to relaunch Mighty Fares (and Mighty Rates). Instead of  many posts a day we now do just one or two with all deals we have seen exactly 21 days ago.

Why three weeks ago? Most of the deals are still valid and we reserve access to ALL deals to our Premium Subscribers. You will immediately be able to see how suitable our solution is for you.

We are also in the process to restore service for our 11 Mighty fares Regions Twitter accounts.