Airbus suddenly owns 50.01% of Bombardier, Lufthansa’s amazing acquisition streak

Posted on October 16, 2017 by in Lufthansa Miles and More, Travel Industry Flight Status

– interesting move by Bombardier that basically just ‘gave away’ 50.01% of the equity to Airbus

Times must be dire up north and after that tariffs decision (that may now be reversed).

– Lufthansa once again swoops in as the uncontested bidder for the assets of an airline and is ready to shell out $590 million for the assets of Alitalia

If successful this would be another brilliant bargain the company has been getting in the last 10 years.

– in 2005 Lufthansa consumed the loss-making Swissair, now hugely profitable

– a few years later Austrian came under the Lufthansa brand and started to make huge profits

– Lufthansa has been buying more and more shares of Brussels since early 2010

– Lufthansa acquired the struggling budget carrier Germawings

– the smaller regional carrier of Eurowings it bought in 2007 is now THE brand for all budget operations

– just last week Lufthansa bought up most of Air Berlin

Lufthansa also owns 19% of Jetblue

– Lufthansa as been teasing investments in SAS and Condor

Next up in Lufthansa’s grab might be Air Serbia and South African Airways.

Lufthansa must be one of the most successful major corporations in terms of acquisitions in the last 10 years. Not one went awry. That a story to learn from kids.