New routes from Qatar, sub $700 fares from the US West Coast to Eastern Africa, Norwegian and Easyjet now protect against misconnects, Air Asia $4 Big Sale

Posted on September 14, 2017 by in Cheap flights Norwegian, Travel Industry Flight Status

– Qatar Airways has is launching new routes to Cardiff, UK (on an excellent Qatar 787 (Review) aircraft) and Adana, Turkey on a rather ok narrow-body aircraft

– Cathay has decided to end Dusseldorf service – the Air Berlin drama is certainly a big reason for it


– Ethiopian Airlines and United have fares under $700 from Los Angeles, San Francisco to Eastern Africa for many dates

These fares only come up using ITA Matrix and then searching multi-segment via It’s not as great an offer as recent fare wars to Australia or the (now standard) $499 to South East Asia but still it is much cheaper than I have ever seen.

If you want to check out some options for Safaris – Mighty Safaris can help get it organized on the cheap.

– Norwegian and Easyjet have launched a common platform to connect passengers at London Gatwick

You will still be required to collect your bag and re-check it but hey everyone has to do that when arriving in the US. Easyjet will also protect you against misconnects now. So far you would have to either leave enough time or use a ‘misconnect insurance’

– Air Asia has another ‘Big Sale’ promotion with a lot of $4 fares

While those are great fares I find Air Asia so affordable that I do not change my travel plans because of their sales.