Cape Verde goes visa free, Turkish buying 787’s, will Lufthansa snap up most of airberlin?

Posted on September 22, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

– Cape Verde is going visa free for most European passports – the visa fee is just $27 anyways (incl. American passports)

The group of islands have yet to capitalize on its location between Europe, Africa and South America. While a stronghold of peace and relative prosperity it suffers from high transportation costs. I still really like to go!

La Compagnie is buying A321 and will equip them with lie-flat seats to likely replace their aging 757

I’m amazed an airline with just 75 seats on an 757 can make money!

– Turkish Airlines is getting its strength (or some state funds!) back and just ordered 40 Boeing 787

– Lufthansa and easyjet have merged as the front-runners in the airberlin saga – I would not hold my breadth – all the major assets will go to Lufthansa with easyjet maybe able to pick up some pieces