Air Frances launches LEVEL competition Joon with $46 fares

Posted on September 26, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

Air France is making progress in launching Joon – the competitor to British Airways start-up LEVEL.

You can now book flights through this page. There is no Joon homepage yet and you keep ending up in the Air France website. But hey it works and a deal is a deal.

The airline will launch $46 fares for flights to Berlin, Barcelona, Porto and Lisbon in December. Air France goes there already so all that’s required is some new flight attendant uniforms and maybe a new livery.

There is no clear picture yet on Premium Cabins for their long haul planes – likely it gets the old (refurbished )angled lei-flat configuration that is being taken out of most 777s right now.

Air France may also take the opportunity and renegotiate salaries for cabin attendants and pilots.

It gets more interesting and in May flights to the Seychelles and Fortaleza launch. Both are destinations the mainline Air France was likely thinking of adding anyways.

Despite some AirBnB drama I came to like Fortaleza – likely my (only) favorite city in Brazil these days.

The introductionary fares are at $293 each way. This is a great deal and if you can use for an upcoming trip please send us a trip report!