You can soon wear a bikini and go visa free to Saudi Arabia!, Qatar adds Santiago de Chile and Rio de Janeiro, City National Infinite returns with 50,000 bonus, American Express EveryDay card & Alaska to add $125 redeposit fee?

Posted on August 2, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

– Saudia Arabia is working on a huge ‘independent tourism development zone’ that is the size of Belgium

Apparently most of the tourism unfriendly rules like the prohibition of alcohol and the inability to wear a bikini at the beach will be lifted inside the area. Saudia Arabia has tons of unspoiled scenery that we can’t explore. However that new ‘free zone’ will feature visa free entry (or simple on-arrival procedures).

The Red Sea islands could be a new Maldives in the making. Watch this slick video…

Of course this is all just a plan but many cities/ countries in the region have been able to pull it off successfully. Saudi Arabia has all the money – all it needs is the political will.

– Qatar Airways has way too many lanes after all the ‘bans’ and is redirecting them to new destinations

– Chiang Mai (Thailand)
– Rio de Janeiro (likely as a tag on flight)
– San Francisco (already announced for 2018)
– Santiago de Chile
– Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are getting new service (Colombo also just got more frequencies)

– the City National Bank Infinite Visa credit card is back with 50,000 points when you apply in branch

– American Express now offers 10,000 Membership Rewards points when referring someone to the 15,000 AMEX Everyday Card (HT Frequent Miler)

The card is a great offer as it comes without an annual fee and purchases at supermarkets earn 2x Membership Rewards – so if you are buying a lot of gift cards this easily offsets the $5.95 fee.

– Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is rumored to introduce a $125 for any award flight cancellations (currently you can make changes for free until 60 days before departure)

Let’s hope it does not happen!