We’ve relaunched Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates and now you can save even more!

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Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates

Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates

For a while now, we’ve been publishing cheap hotel stays on our sister site Mighty Rates and bargain economy and business class flights on our sister site Mighty Fares. Both of these sites have consistently featured fantastic hotel rates and airfares and we have already saved many of our readers a bundle.

Now you can save even more with our combined, new-and-improved site, which we have now relaunched for members only!

Head over to Mighty Rates or Mighty Fares and you can sign up for instant access to worldwide hotels and flights that are generally priced lower than you’ll find on hotel or airline websites or on major travel sites like Kayak and Expedia.

We calculate ‘the savings’ as the difference between our price and prices we can see on Expedia/Orbitz. This isn’t perfect for all rates but 90% of the time it is pretty exact.

We often see the best results with Tier 2 brand hotels in major cities that have a lot of competition (that’s why they give us a better rate in the first place!) The way these hotels are priced prohibits us from highlighting them here. However, we suggest you search for the cities below and sort by 4/5 star hotels with the biggest saving.

– Boston
– New York

The hotel rates you find with us are not eligible for the Best Rate Guarantee, as membership sites are excluded by all BRG programs.

As well as hotels, you can also book flights, both domestic and around the world, with the relaunched Mighty Fares website. While the airline business generally has small margins, we often manage to save you 5-10% of most fares that you find outside of Mighty Fares.

To book these flights or hotel stays, or to find your own, you just need to sign up with your email…

How to become a member

Sign up as a member with your email address on either Mighty Rates or Mighty Fares:

Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates

Once you’ve entered your email address, it’ll let you know that your registration has been successful:

Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates

You’ll then receive a passcode to the email address you registered with; just enter the passcode here where it says ‘Discount Card’ and you have immediate access to the hotels and flights! When you log in this way, you’ll be taken first to our hotel search but simply click on ‘Flights’ on the top right if you want to browse airfares instead.

Each time you want to search for cheap hotels or flights, you just need to enter your passcode here, so bookmark this page for future use.

It’s so easy to search and if you live outside of the US, you can search for your flights in your home currency if you prefer. Plus you can securely book and pay with cards including American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa and you get secure, instant confirmation of your booking.

What are you waiting for? Sign up as a member here or here now!