LOT starting Budapest service, American Airlines scared of Qatar?, South African Airways bailed out again, 20,000 Membership Rewards points for flying Air Berlin, is Instagram creepy?

Posted on July 8, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

– LOT wants to test the waters and start direct flights from Budapest to the US before Norwegian does that

Flights are to start before the busy summer season in spring 2018.

– is American Airlines really scared of a Qatar Airlines shareholder? I find that more than silly!

– turmoil on a recent Delta flight from Seattle to Beijing that returned and offloaded an unruly passenger from ‘First Class’ – well maybe he realized Delta ‘First Class’ is a little different…

– South Africans like South African airlines so much that they continue to bail out the money loosing company year after year -amazing!

– American Express has targeted a number of cardholders with a 20,000 Membership Rewards Bonus if they spend $1,000 or more with Air Berlin (yest that airline that may go bankrupt during 2017)

– if you feel recently that Instagram is too creepy – I agree I have deleted the app for now from my phone – I could not stand the ‘travel bloggers’ who can’t keep their clothes on for more than one picture, maybe after summer it will get better!