Emirates off the laptop ban too, pod hotels coming to Europe, 10y old A380 to be sold for parts?, United Skywest engine fire at DIA, Niamey gets a Hilton

Posted on July 6, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

– Emirates and Turkish Airlines are now officially off the laptop ban – what will happen to Air India?

pod hotels are making their way from Asia to the US and Europe now

I loved my experience in a capsule hotel in Kyoto a few years ago.

– Doric, the lessor of the first A380 leased to Singapore Airlines in 2007, is now considering selling the aircraft for parts

The double-deckers could be parted out to recover engines and other spares worth at least $100 million per plane, according to German fund manager Dr. Peters, which owns four A380s due to be returned between October and June by Singapore Airlines Ltd. following the expiry of 10-year lease deals.

scary incident at DIA as an United Skywest plane has an engine on fire after landing

Niamey, Niger will get their first Hilton hotel in 2019 hopefully