Mighty Travels now uses HTTPS, AMP pages, Capital Airlines Business Class to China under $2,000

Posted on July 28, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

– Mighty Travels is now running 100% on Cloudflare and https

HTTPS secures the connection between you and our servers so nobody can mess with it. There might still be some ‘mixed content’ issues while the caches are updating – please let us know if you find any issues.

You may seem some content warnings and missing images for a short while.

– a while ago we launched AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages so you can access our content faster when using Google on a mobile device

Have you used them?

– Hainan Airlines subsidiary has flights from Lisbon to Hangzhou under $2,000 in Business Class RT on their website

The Business Class product is likely similar to Hainan – but is it?