Saudia Arabia forms blockade coalition against Qatar – major travel impact, United Airlines cuts Caracas flights

Posted on June 5, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– major news today as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Yemen have announced a blockade of Qatar land, air and sea routes

Saudia Arabia and it’s affiliates have grown increasingly angered over the role Qatar has taken to position itself as a mediator between the many factions in the region. The move is unprecedented in modern times and is seemingly designed to bring the Qatar regime in line with Saudi Arabia. The US has major political, military and economic investments in all those countries.

The countries have instructed airlines operating in their territory to discontinue all flights to Doha (teh country’s sole airport) and have warned foreign carriers that they would loose landing and overflight rights if they continue to fly to Doha.

This is a major hassle for all travelers and will be a headache for anyone in the region even without travel plans to Doha. Qatar Airways will have to discontinue flights to the countries initiating the blockade right away.

Qatar Airways will also face delay and route changes as it can’t fly over the blockading nations anymore. This will play out in the coming weeks – anyone with travel plans to the region stay alert.

Saudi Arabia is now treating Qatar like Israel (if not worse given the recent thaw in relations between the countries). Maybe that was that grand bargain the US had to choose lately.

– United Airlines is finally cutting flights to Caracas – a move that was much anticipated as the country descend further into chaos and it’s seemingly impossible to get money out of the country

United Airlines (UA, Chicago O’Hare) has announced it will be withdrawing from the Venezuelan market with effect from July 1. The US carrier, which currently serves Caracas Simón Bolivar daily from Houston Intc’l using B737-800 equipment, said in a statement the route was no longer financially viable.