Club Carlson free Friday night, China Southern adds Irkutsk, will your Hertz rental drive itself?, woman almost destroys aircraft engine with a few old coins, major airlines’ accounting practices, what would you do if need to put on your life jacket?

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– Skift takes a look at the amazing business of ‘soft brands’ i.e. (Autograph Collection) – that seems a ‘money printing’ machine for both chain and the group of properties

– Apple has selected hertz for self driving car trials – Hertz stock price just jumped

– Urumqi Airlines will morph into a LCC soon – while China Southern finally adds Irkutsk

– I believed this was a prank story initially but it seems real – and makes me wonder why did it not happen before? – This elderly woman through coins into an aircraft engine for ‘good luck’ – luckily it ended without an accident!

– this article dissects the accounting practices of Qatar Airways – it’s no surprise that their profit is largely made up by accounting shenanigans

I’m sure there is a lot of trickery at play BUT US airlines employ easily as many and have created a consumer unfriendly oligopoly that essentially has created a huge tax on (mostly domestic) air travel. I have no sympathy…

– would you get a heart attack if the pilot asks you to put on your life jacket and be ready for a crash landing? I hope not!