10% bonus to transfer to Etihad Guest, Air India eyes Houston and resumes Los Angeles, Iberia awards now bookable on aa.com, Qatar Airways Results

Posted on June 12, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– Citibank has a 10% bonus when you transfer to Etihad Guest

Gone are the days of 50% bonus – of well. The best bet is likely to find American Airlines availability (not an easy feat) and then use Etihad Guest on them. Keep in mind that Etihad Guest can only book ‘mainline’ flights (no American Eagle) and that bookings can take hours on hold over the phone.

– after the laptop ban and the Qatar diplomatic rift; Air India is getting adventurous and planning service to Houston and Los Angeles

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– Iberia awards are finally bookable on aa.com

I never booked on award on Iberia over the Atlantic as I never found enough value (there are always fuel surcharges) and the route network/ availability isn’t the best to the West Coast.

– Qatar Airways reports solid numbers

Qatar Airways reported a net profit of QAR1.97 billion ($540 million), for the 2016-17 financial year, up 21.7% compared to net profit of QAR1.62 billion in FY2016. Profit margin was 5%, compared to the previous year’s figure of 4.5%

Naturally it won’t be as good going forward given last week’s diplomatic rift. It is also not so clear how much we can trust those numbers as there are too much opportunity to lift items off and on the P+L for a state owned airline.