Vancouver – Saigon $1,899 RT, can an airline put you in jail?, what’s the average time a plane spends taxiing?, Norwegian scoping Hamburg, Frankfurt bases

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– Air Canada and Asiana have a business class sale from Vancouver to Ho Chi Minh City for $1,899 Round Trip

It books into P for Air Canada and Z for Asiana. That’s worth 28,000 miles if you choose the right programs.

The Air Canada 787 are well reviewed and the while the Asian 747 are old they used to be proper long haul equipment a few years ago.

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– remember the Delta story from last week? How easily can an airline really put you in jail? Not very likely – but very possible!

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– the average flight spends 24 minutes taxiing (in and out a gate) in the US – if you multiply this with the average cost of operating an airplane at $150 a minute the savings are pretty staggering – but given the (lousy) state of many congested US airports this won’t change anytime soon

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– Norwegian is back preparing a Business Plan for flights from Germany to the US

Given the potential of as Europe’s largest economy it is served very light by discount airlines. Norwegian may want to raise additional funds to add a mini hub or two in Germany.

“Norwegian is growing in Germany,” a spokesperson in Oslo told ATW. “Also, 250 [ordered] aircraft are coming to Norwegian. We see a potential for long-haul flights from Germany,” she said.

Norwegian has 30 Airbus A321LR aircraft on firm order, which could potentially be used on a German route. The A321LR has a range of up to 4,000 nm, making it suitable for routes between the US east coast and Europe.

It seems the US West Coast will not be served anytime soon but US East Coast flights from Hamburg (shortest flight time) seem very likely.