Trivago makes money now, car rental companies in trouble, China Airlines pushes A350, Ethiopian Airlines and many European airlines in trouble, Cathay Pacific numbers

Posted on May 16, 2017 by in China Airlines Review, Travel Industry Flight Status

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– Trivago is now turning a profit – but the Expedia subsidiary continues to rely on huge performance marketing spending equaling 90% of revenues

– and while we all thought the economy is doing well – car rental companies aren’t happy

– China Airlines has put more A350 capacity in the Taipei to San Francisco route – I’m excited to try this one soon!

– Ethiopian Airlines is planning major cost cuts – without laying off employees – the company competes well but needs low fares to enter new markets

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– at MightyFares we parse more than 250,000 fares every day looking for deals – the most we find consistently in Europe – almost twice as many as in the US or Asia

Not too long ago Europe had some of the world’s highest fares and the recession and increasing competition have made it the market with the lowest fares per mile flown – amazing for consumers!

Easyjet just reported major losses and even teh well managed Ryanair and Lufthansa are having a hard time.

– interesting numbers reported by Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon – lot’s of new traffic and revenue from Europe surprisingly!