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Posted on May 31, 2017 by in Cheap Business Class Fares, Cheap flights, Mighty Travels Premium

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To celebrate hitting 1,000 Premium subscribers, we’re offering readers a taste of a subscription, so you can see what you’re missing! 

You can get unmatched access to the world’s best airfares with a Mighty Travels Premium paid subscription service (usually just $7.99 per month). We give you valid, bookable fares in economy and business class all over the globe and you can cancel at any time.

Download and check out a sample spreadsheet here, to see the kind of new business class fares you can start to receive for one great price with Mighty Travels Premium.

Mighty Travels Premium

So here’s how you can get one month for free!

How to get your FREE 1-month subscription to Mighty Travels Premium

Every reader who registers between June 1st and June 10th, 2017, will get their first month free – no catch. This offer is valid for new subscribers only.

To subscribe, you’ll need to sign up with your credit card details, but the charge will automatically be refunded just a few seconds later!

Want to know more about Mighty Travels Premium?

Note that any subscription will be charged after 30 days, so if you wish to cancel your freebie, please do so by emailing us to premium at mightytravels dot com within the 30 days.

Have a look here for one of the reasons why you should get a Premium subscription – using the Deals Dashboard to find flights to a specific world region. Plus we recently wrote about the text alerts that you’ll receive when we see a deal worth sharing immediately.

Keep your eyes peeled for more reasons why Premium is worth having, with our weekly posts on Mighty Travels.