BA all systems down, what’s behind, $40 off $80 at, Delta adds (NO?) fuel surcharges for Virgin Atlantic, Air Asia goes to Cambodia

Posted on May 30, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

British Airways was ‘all systems down’ on Saturday and has slowly recovered since then

Such a massive IT outage is a nightmare scenario but BA unions have fueled the fire with a direct blame for IT outsourcing. I find it hard to believe that a power outage in the Central London server rooms can be blamed on specific outsourcing but we shall see.

In the meantime British Airways has not been re-booking on other airlines during teh outage which cancelled almost all flights on Saturday and many on Sunday. It is now also denying requests for passenger who re-booked themselves – in addition the airline has been reluctant to agree to pay the EU compensation required in such cases.

– a fascinating report about Mondee, the new owner of – still everyone is confused about what is a consolidator fare and just a low fare

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– if you browse the American Airlines Homepage – look for a link on the left to – it will give you $40 off a minimum of $80 spent on (HT FrequentMiler) has been notorious on not honoring cashback promotions in the past. However this is supposedly a refund to your credit card that you used. Now the promotion is light on more details. It’s worth trying.

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– Russia is quietly developing a new 737 competitor called Irkut MC-21 which made its maiden flight in Irkutsk last week

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– Delta has been trying to make their loyalty program less and less valuable – changing it at moments notice

Over the weekend the airline had introduced fuel surcharges for Virgin Atlantic flights even from the US (where they have not been applied in the past). Virgin Atlantic award space is hard to find in the first place, but Virgin Atlantic Upper Class (Review) is a great product to enjoy.

It seems that was an honest mistake (or just a way to test the waters) as of now no fuel surcharges come up when redeeming Delta Skymiles online – call center reservations agents may handle it differently.

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– AirAsia is seeking an new Cambodian subsidiary