Alitalia Chapter 11, Air Asia 2016 results, Tony Fernandes’ vision for aviation, Southwest 10% off, cheap places for digital nomads, travel warnings for Gondar, time travel possible and Nigeria’s ailing airlines

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– Alitalia has now entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy

There is still a chance the airline will survive but it’s not good. If you have Alitalia MilleMiglia points (like me) in your account balance – I would start find a redemption soon.

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– Air Asia had a solid 2016 and reports good numbers in their core Malaysia business

In a statement today, AirAsia Bhd said the number of passengers carried increased 13 per cent year-on-year (y-o-y) to 15.23 million, well ahead of the nine per cent increase in seat capacity.
At the end of the quarter under review, the Group”s total fleet size stood at 176 aircraft, it said.
Malaysia AirAsia (MAA) achieved a load factor of 90 per cent in Q1 2017, up five ppts y-o-y.

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Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes is full of optimism and showed off his vision of aviation this week:

Speaking at the recent WTTC Global Summit in Bangkok, Fernandes shared his prediction: “In time you’re going to have two different airline models – LCCs will do the economic class and full-service carriers doing the premium sectors.”

The presence of four classes – first, business, premium economy and economy – among some airlines is deemed “very inefficient” in Fernandes’ eyes. “One Singapore Airlines seat will be equal to 40 of mine,” he quipped. “We are more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly than any airline out there because we carry more passengers per foot.”

What about hybrid carriers, the business model that straddles between full-service and no-frills carriers, asked TTG Asia. The outspoken airline chief thinks it’s a “disaster” for legacy airlines to pursue the hybrid business model. “Hybrid carriers is where airlines kind of messed up, as they (full-service carriers) compete with LCCs. You choose either one (business model),” he said.

Fernandes also expects the arrival of a new generation of fuel-efficent aircraft the likes of Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A330neo will help LCCs to optimise their routes and network performance and push the envelop of more longhaul, low-cost models.

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– Southwest is running a 10% off promotion for Anytime & Business Select flights

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– this survey lists ‘cheap places to live‘ for digital nomads

Lot’s of choice there they are indeed cheap but most places have lots of drama and not so friendly locals – two criteria we stress in our recommendations.

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there is now a travel warning for the Gondar region in Ethiopia as attacks have escalated and several hotels have seen grenade attacks

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– for a while I thought this was an April’s fools joke but time travel is now (theoretically) possible

Traveling back in time isn’t necessarily science fiction, according to a new paper published in Classical and Quantum Gravity. The paper’s title, “Traversable acausal retrograde domains in spacetime,” creates the acronym TARDIS – the name of the fictional time machine in “Doctor Who.”

– the Nigerian government is talking up potential buyers for it’s ailing airlines, I don’t think they really exist