Yakutia resumes Anchorage, Norwegian Easter sale, Zimbabwe currency crisis, Uber helicopter a win?

Posted on April 12, 2017 by in Cheap flights Norwegian, Travel Industry Flight Status

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– Yakutia is bringing back the only US- Russia service over the Pacific in summer 2017

It is just once a week and ticket prices are prohibitively expensive (I have not found an option to redeem miles). However it’s a very unique route from Anchorage to Petropavlovsk (and on to Yakutsk) on a 737-800.

Norwegian has an Easter sale – if you are looking for flights right now – this might be helpful

Zimbabwe was yet another one of those countries where you could buy local currency in the black market and redeem it for the official exchange rate in a travel agency – the airlines now want it to stop

Every few years this pops up – Argentina and Egypt used to make that really easy (both freed up their exchange rate since). However Nigeria and Uzbekistan still have fixed exchange rates where you can buy international tickets at a discount by buying local currency (though make sure your local travel agent really allows buying international tickets at the official rate in cash).

– Uber seems to be happy with the Uber helicopter service in Sao Paulo and wants to continue