Wow helicopter crash on video (no injuries), Business Class fares from Teheran, escape Canada in style to Bangkok, Hilton Honors now allows free transfers, Uber serious about the flying car?

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– This is a quite amazing video of a helicopter blade crashing into an oil rig (HT Maritime Executive

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– United and Lufthansa has some extra cheap fares from Teheran to Fort Myers for $1,722 in Business Class – it’s an odd city pair to start with and remember that you can’t use an ESTA for US entry anymore if you have visited Iran (but a US visa will do just fine)

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– Pretty good fares from Halifax, Canada to a warmer climate in Bangkok at $2,322 in Business Class with Air Canada and Asiana

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– Hilton Honors now allows free transfer between rewards members

The Terms & Conditions are pretty straightforward. The transfers are capped at 500,000 points and a maximum of 2 million that can receive per year.
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– Uber is serious about flying cars (at least they should be) and wants to have them ready by 2020

Is that more than a pipe dream?

Ride-hailing giant Uber planes to launch in-demand electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (e-VTOL) air-taxi service in Dallas and Dubai in 2020, and has selected partners for development of the technology and infrastructure. Uber has partnered with Aurora Flight Sciences, Bell Helicopter, Embraer, Mooney and Slovenia’s Pipistrel Aircraft.