United #bumpgate made worse by regional affiliate?, Delta ups VDB compensation, Lufthansa still sailing strong until Norwegian arrives

MightyTravels 2017-04-15 at 4.01.19 PM

– The United #bumpgate incident was made much worse by the odd relationship that mainline carriers have with the regional carriers (where the incident occurred)

Airline Credit Cards

– Delta is apparently really scared a similar incident could happen during their operations and bumped the maximum a supervisor can offer to almost $10,000 and most agents now able to offer $2,000

Airline Credit Cards

As I stated before it is a rather common technique for many to book flights that will likely go oversold and collect ‘VDB vouchers’. This technique has now become much more profitable suddenly – teh initial bids by the airline won’t change but given teh risk of multi million dollar negative publicity will make it likely that $1,000 VDB vouchers will now become a reality (instead of the absolute exception).

– Lufthansa does not feel the heat of Norwegian yet – no surprise since Norwegian has no mini-hub in Germany yet – should that change in 2017/2018 I’d sell Lufthansa shares