Qatar Business Class Sale from Stockholm, Business Class sale from Europe to New York, Norwegian doubles loss, credit card defaults rising and Delta and AirBnB now provide 3x

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– Qatar has a new sales – this time from Stockholm and has fares for $1,953 to Auckland Return in Business Class

To get this price go to the Qatar Homepage and enter code MASTERCARD after selecting your flights.

There are some other destination (usually South East Asia) if you are interested.

Skyteam has a Business Class sale from Brussels and Berlin to New York at $1,306 RT – Star Alliance has already matched the Berlin sale

Not all dates are available for each deal so search around a bit. Berlin (SXF) is a major easyjet hub now and it’s easy to connect from other easyjet destinations.

– Norwegian typically looses money in Q1 of a year – this time they doubled the loss (but also increased the network a lot)

“In this quarter, we particularly see the effects of higher fuel costs combined with a strengthened krone against the British pound, euro and Swedish krone, which accounts for almost half of our sales,” Norwegian CEO Bjørn Kjos said. “In addition, the figures are affected by the fact that Easter was not in the first quarter, like last year. At the same time, we are filling aircraft and attracting more passengers both in new and more established markets. Our long-haul operation is now well established, proving that customers want affordable fares and new aircraft on intercontinental routes,” he said.

Norwegian, which launched 39 new routes during the quarter, described the period as a “seasonally weak first quarter,” but said tough competition and higher fuel costs also contributed to the negative result.

First-quarter revenue rose 9% to NOK5.4 billion, while operating expenses (excluding leases and depreciation) increased 23% to NOK6 billion, producing an EBITDA loss of NOK1.3 billion, widened 121% from a NOK606.1 million EBITDA loss in the prior-year quarter.

Passenger numbers were 14% up in the first quarter at 6.7 million, with the strongest growth stemming from the US, Spain and France. Traffic rose 23% to 12.4 billion RPKs on a 24% increase in capacity to 14.6 billion ASKs, producing a load factor of 84.4%, down 0.8 of a point.

– defaults at many credit card companies are rising – Capital One and Discover seem hardest hit (they have the most ‘subprime’ lenders)

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Delta and AirBnB have improved their offer and now provide 3x bonus miles per dollar when you booked an AirBnB and more incentives for first timers (HT FTG)