Norwegian adds Singapore, credit scores are changing, Air Canada lost a wheel, Alaska Airlines gets an unwanted A321neo, US Bank Altitude gets some ‘altitude’

Posted on April 20, 2017 by in Cheap flights Norwegian, Travel Industry Flight Status

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– Norwegian is launching London to Singapore later this year – directly competing with the many A380 Singapore Airlines runs between both cities

Norwegian had trouble securing overflight rights over Russia – I guess for this route no Siberia flying is required

– If this article is right – we will soon see major changes on how credit scores are being calculated

– an Air Canada A330 apparently lost a wheel at takeoff – it was only discovered while being at the gate in London- Heathrow – talk about redundancy!

“Preliminary information indicates that a wheel separated from the aircraft while taxiing down the runway before takeoff Sunday night in Montreal and came to rest beside the runway,” Air Canada said in a written statement.

“As the landing gear is comprised of eight wheels in addition the two nose wheels, this had no impact on the safe operation of the flight. Flight AC864 … landed normally in London and taxied to the gate. Passengers on the returning flight were re-booked on other flights later while the aircraft was repaired,” Air Canada said.

– Virgin America/ Alaska Airlines is ‘proud’ to be the owner of a new A321neo – but the airline isn’t sure it wants A321 at all anymore

– the new US Bank Altitude card is getting major press today – the U.S. Bank PR department is not sleeping!