Emirates cuts US flights, 2,500 miles per Avis rental, the end of chasing airline status?, Moxy hotels coming to your town, aircraft leasing market on fire,

– Emirates is cutting back the second daily flights it had added to several US destinations last year

Avis has a Eurobonus promotion too with 2,500 miles per rental HT FrequentMiler

Airline Credit Cards

The dummy booking I tried came back with incredibly high rates. What I will do is to use my go-to AWD and just credit to Eurobonus. That may or may not work – let’s see.

– I haven’t chased airline status with a US -based airline in a while – it’s just not useful from a value perspective – now others have started to agree

– forgot the source but read that Marriott is expecting 30% of hotel room inventory from the Moxy brand alone!

Airline Credit Cards

Now Bandung, Indonesia has a Moxy – due to open soon.

It is a Category 3 and given the rather low hotel rates not a great redemption but likely a quality hotel for cash. Marriott has a very limited footprint in Indonesia.

– the world of aircraft leasing in on fire – AerCap one of the world largest leased out more aircraft in Q1 2017 than it did in all of 2016!

Dublin-based lessor AerCap signed $7.2 billion in financing transactions during the first quarter of 2017, eclipsing—by $2.6 billion—the company’s financing transactions for the full year of 2016.

In January, AerCap reported the company has signed $4.6 billion in financing transactions in 2016.