Crazy – Bangkok ends street food!, Abuja airport re-opens, Qatar and Emirates see drop US passengers, Delta’s stealth devaluation, what happened in Ouagadougou today?

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– Crazy – Bangkok prohibits street food stalls all over the city

In the capital, which is internationally recognised for its street food, famous locations such as Chinatown/Yaowarat and Khao San Road would be cleared of vendors in a bid to beautify Bangkok.

A month after the city was named the finest street food destination in the world by CNN for the second year, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) continued its operation to reclaim the pavements for pedestrians and announced that vendors would be banned entirely from the capital’s streets.

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– who would have thought – Abuja, Nigeria airport has re-opened not a day late and Ethiopian promptly inaugurates it with their A359

– Qatar and Emirates see a drop under 10% in US traffic in 2017 following the travel ban but an almost equal uptick in traffic from/to China

– I had booked two Delta awards involving Virgin Atlantic and Garuda for a route that did not come up on – what an ordeal it was – this Flyertalker puts it perfectly.

Generally, though, expect the ordeal of booking a 006 (Delta) ticket to take about as long as the flying time of your flights (with the numerous escalations and often 3, 4, 5 agents all on at once trying to do routine things that with other airlines you can do online, such as booking flights, making required changes due to schedule changes/cancellations even of Delta’s own flights, etc.). If it’s any less time than that, then you are very lucky!

That’s another way Delta has found to devalue their award chart in a stealthy manner.

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– what a strange coincidence – two planes bound for Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso turned around and go back to their respective departure airports (Istanbul and Brussels)

The Turkish Airlines flight was hit by lightning and the Brussels flight had technical problems.