One of the cool things you can do with the Mighty Travels Deals Dashboard

Posted on March 20, 2017 by in Cheap flights, Mighty Travels Premium

Mighty Travels Deals Dashboard

With our new weekly post, we give you tips of what to do with the Mighty Travels Deals Dashboard – like find cheap flights to Bali, Hong Kong or Singapore from any Central US airport!

When we started Mighty Travels a few years ago we kept wondering why it is so tricky to find airfare deals (among other things) and why there is no 365-day flight search.

A few years later and things have evolved quickly and there is a lot more technology that deals with the ‘big data’ problem of finding airfares. Most GDS systems (the reservation systems used by legacy airlines and some of the newer airlines) allow just a small amount of fare searches. They require a certain ‘look-to-book’ ratio and restrict searches to a date and airport combination.

There are more than 2,000 airports with commercial flights in this world and an equal amount of airlines. That is 4 million airport pairs and 365×365 date combinations – about 1.5 billion searches you would have to make. Airfares can change at any minute so even if you search once a day (which isn’t something you can do in the first place) you would have just have about 0.5 milliseconds to complete a search. The speed of light takes longer even when you are in the same city as the computer you are querying!

With Mighty Travels Premium, we are looking at about 5 million fares every day and extract just about 100,000 every day that are bookable and that we consider a deal (based on historic averages and based on CPM – Cents Per Mile).

All those fares are loaded into the Mighty Travels Deals Dashboard every day. The Mighty Travels Deals Dashboard is included in a Premium Subscription, which also gives you real-time deal alerts and hotel deals.

Here’s one of the cool things you can do with the Dashboard data…

Find deals to a certain airport

You may want to fly to a particular airport in Asia and you’re flexible to be able to fly from pretty much any Central US airport and leave the dates open. You can use the Dashboard to search flights from all Central US airports to a destination such as Bali International (DPS):

Mighty Travels Deals Dashboard

So right now, you can get an economy flight to Bali from Salt Lake City in August this year from just $704 round-trip (4 CPM) on multiple airlines, but there’s plenty more results from different airports for not much more.

A search to Hong Kong International (HKG) shows economy flights in May 2017 from Houston from only $504 RT (3 CPM) with Air China, though JAL and Air Canada cost little more from Chicago and Phoenix:

Mighty Travels Deals Dashboard

Checking flights to Singapore Changi (SIN) also gives you results from just 3 CPM, including a round-trip economy flight with JAL from Chicago for just $556 RT:

Mighty Travels Deals Dashboard

From these three simple, quick searches, you can see that Air China and Japan Airlines are currently offering cheap fares to Asia from Central US airports, but you can also see great deals with Delta and other major airlines. Just follow a booking link to see which airline; for example, you can fly from Honolulu to Singapore in October 2017 for $514 on a ‘major airline’ and when following one of the Kayak booking links, it shows this to be Philippine Airlines.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for our next weekly Dashboard tip, so you can travel the world for cheaper! You can sign up for a Premium subscription here for just $7.99 a month.