Great Business Class fares from Kunming, China, Hilton completes new Honors roll-out, United Mileage Plus buy miles bonus, 50,000 Citibank AAdvantage card

Posted on March 1, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– Kunming, China is emerging as a new discounted J originator for flights to the US, if you are in China and travel frequently to/from the US, look at these prices

Hainan as KMG-ORD for $1,731 RT – (this books into Business Standard which is cheaper than Business Promo).

Sichuan/ China Southern offer Los Angeles for $1,906 RT

Delta has fares to Phoenix for $2,431 RT and China Southern gets you to New York, JFK for $2,193 RT

– Hilton Honors has completed the roll-out of the new Hilton Honors (yes the double H is gone finally!) Hilton

What happened is that they have made Hilton points more of a cashback program similar to what we see at Southwest. You can now always redeem points along a cash rate for a point value of 0.46 – 1 cent per point.

This is good if you used to redeem Hilton points for lots of mediocre properties – this has likely gotten cheaper now. The bad news is that the few stellar Cash & Points rates are now gone. The DoubleTree Kuala Lumpur almost doubled in prices when using Cash & Points rates (though it depends on their regular room rates).

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United Mileage Plus has a mystery bonus for you if you are in the market for buying miles

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– Citibank has an application link that does not come with the dreaded 24 months language (which will not give you a sign-up bonus again if you had a card in a the same product family in that time frame)

Use it of you can as soon as possible – it may go away. Just keep in mind you can’t get more than one Citi approval within 60 days. I have applied for the Citi Hilton Honors card lately so no AAdvantage miles for me.