Thank You Avis Cape Town for honoring an excellent car rental rate

Posted on February 24, 2017 by in Avis / Hertz Car Rentals, Travel Agent Rate

 Avis Cape Town

Back in December, I saw an excellent rate for a BMW Premium Car Rental at Avis Cape Town International Airport. The total was just $13.62 for 5 days, albeit with only a small kilometer allowance.

I have had my share of disastrous Avis rentals, such as with Avis in the Seychelles, but, frankly, most of them have been great. Just last month I was upgraded to a Dodge Charger for a weekly rental in San Diego and at Avis in Novosibirsk I was upgraded to an SUV.

Avis Cape Town

Plus with my bi-weekly rentals here in San Francisco, I always receive a clean, new car – often a Toyota Prius!

When I arrived at Cape Town Airport, the lines at Avis were long, but the agents worked through them quickly at the Preferred counter. There must have been at least 20 people at the Avis car rental area and it was midnight.

I wasn’t so sure what would happen with my reservation. The agent had my reserved BMW and could see the rental contract, but the rate was widely different to what I had reserved. I showed him my email and the car rental reservation details on the app. He was confused but highly professional and even at this late hour he was trying to find a way to make this work for me.

After some (very professional) back and forth, he gave me the keys and added a rate of $100 for 4 days – still an awesome rate for a 4-day Premium rental, but he promised to take this up with the station manager the next day to set up my original contract. I was then able to drive off and enjoy Cape Town for a few days.


When I returned, my car was inspected inside-out; I have never seen such a careful inspection. I was a bit worried, but the agent working the returns knew everything about this car and confirmed a minor scratch that had already been there before I picked it up (that I had never even noticed, even though I had carefully inspected the car myself at pick-up).

However, it turned out that the friendly agent at pick-up had seemingly never spoken to the station manager, as my rate was still showing as $100 plus any extra kilometers driven.

Now it was on me to take it up with the station manager, but as she was not available then, my travel companion took up the case with her the next day. To my surprise, she eventually agreed and FULLY HONORED the rate booked for us Preferred members.

Avis Cape Town

Avis has been giving me mostly positive experiences lately, though this one was an especially good experience of course. You can call me an Avis convert now!