$30 Benihana Birthday Certificate for free and how to get more food and drink offers

Posted on February 4, 2017 by in Travel Deals

Benihana Birthday

Tell me a little more about free food and drink offers…

If you love getting discounts on your travel, then why not expand on that to include food and drink, too? Many places offer complimentary food and drink, money off coupons or gift certificates, either on your birthday or simply for signing up with your email address. It can often take a very short amount of time to check for offers before you visit a restaurant (although I’ve been known to connect to a restaurant’s free WiFi to check at the same time as reading a menu!) It’s always worth a minute or two to quickly scan for any eligible offers you’re entitled to, whether it’s your birthday or not.

Benihana Birthday

If you know where you want to eat, then it’s easy to check relevant websites and Facebook and Twitter pages to see if there’s any current discounts. Try Google or check excellent resources like Hustler Money Blog, which lists lots of e-club restaurant offers. We also wrote about where you can get free birthday meals here.

Some promotions may require you to print off a voucher, though many establishments these days accept coupons on your phone or gadget. Plus for many regular food and drink freebies, you often won’t need to print or show a voucher, though for birthday offers you usually need to register in advance and/or show proof that it really is your special day.

It’s useful to know that sometimes you won’t need to eat on your actual birthday to take advantage of an offer – for instance, the Japanese teppanyaki restaurant Benihana gives you a free $30 email certificate to use during the month of your birthday.

What’s the deal with the $30 Benihana Birthday Certificate?

Benihana Birthday

When you join Benihana’s Chef’s Table email club, you’ll get a birthday certificate to use during dinner hours. You can use it Monday through Thursday, once you’ve bought any adult teppan entrée, and you have 29 days to use your voucher during the month of your birthday.

How do I get the $30 Benihana Birthday Certificate?

Register for the Chef’s Table here and your certificate will be emailed to you within two business days.

What else do I need to know about the $30 Benihana Birthday Certificate?

Benihana’s T&C are fairly strict, as you need to show valid government issued ID at the same time as using your voucher. You also need to print your voucher; they won’t accept a voucher from a smartphone.

Certificates are always sent out on Wednesdays.