How to check your Bank of America credit card status

Posted on January 26, 2017 by in Travel Deals

Bank of America credit card status

Why you may want to check your Bank of America credit card status…

When you’ve applied for a new credit card, it can often be frustrating waiting to hear for approval. The waiting game can be the same with any card issuer, but if you have recently applied for a Bank of America credit card it’s easy to find out if you’ve been approved.

How to check your Bank of America credit card status…

You may have recently applied for the BankAmericard, which we wrote about here as you can earn 20,000 bonus points. Or the Amtrak Guest Rewards World MasterCard with 20,000 bonus points, worth up to $580, as explained here. Here’s what you need to do to check your application…


So you can easily check your application status online, Bank of America has a dedicated Application Status Center, where you can conveniently view and manage all of your applications in one place.

Bank of America credit card status

You can check the status of a submitted application by first supplying some basic information, including your:

  • Surname
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • ZIP code

To verify that you are the applicant, the information you provide needs to be exactly the same as how it appeared on your credit card application. Hopefully you will see an approval:

Bank of America credit card status

By phone

You can also check your application status by calling the Bank of America credit card approval hotline. To check a personal credit card application, dial 800-545-7899 and press 3 or to check the status of a business credit card application, call 866-695-6598.

However, to ensure your approval as well as speed up the process, you may well be better using a Bank of America reconsideration number. As we let you know in our article, reconsideration numbers are valuable tools that can increase your chances of earning valuable sign-up bonuses for opening new credit cards. By being proactive and calling a reconsideration line, you can almost always get an immediate approval. Why wait for a response when you don’t need to?

The Bank of America reconsideration numbers for personal cards are 866-811-4108, 888-503-6092 or 866-865-7843. For a business card application, dial 800-601-3923 or 866-695-6598.

When you call one of these lines, you should explain that you applied for a card and ask if any further information will help them to approve your application. Being polite and friendly with a Bank of America customer service rep can really help your case!