(almost) free Vancouver stays, 50,000 bonus points Merrill+ card, 2,000 points per Hilton stay, 1,000 bonus points per Best Western stay & private flying in Europe for $2,674

Posted on January 28, 2017 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

– Hilton is about to launch a promo that gives you 2,000 points per booking – registration should be open by Feb 1st

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– beVancouver is back with their promotion for giving you gift cards for stays in Vancouver (HT Flyertalk)

This is the booking link for the promotion. It is pretty straightforward. Just book the hotel and get the gift card upon arrival. This can be a free weekend in Vancouver if you are ready to accept a 3star hotel.

– 1,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles for stays at Best Western Hotels Worldwide Until Mar 31, 17 (HT FFB)

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JetEight is a new private jet service in Europe flying from Berlin Frankfurt and Zurich with a flat rate option of $2,674 (EUR 2,500)

– Bank of America is still accepting applications for the excellent Merrill+ Visa Signature Credit Card

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While the landing looks like it is targeted it is not in reality. 50,000 bonus points are enough for $1,000 in airline tickets and you get all the benefits of Visa Signature (like $100 off domestic round trip and GoGo passes).