The worlds worst airline, 3,000 MR bonus for $200+ Marriott stays, free museums with Bank of America, new Regus Express at LHR Terminal 5

Posted on December 19, 2016 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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The Telegraph takes on the worlds worst airlines – I’m sure you will see these names coming (I feel Pegasus Airlines and Ukraine International do NOT belong on this list)

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– Bank of America is relaunching the ‘Free Museum’ weekends in 2017. Those are a great opportunity in many great museums across the US (HT MtM)

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– Heathrow Terminal 2 has an excellent Regus Express lounge – after Terminal 5 and a number of other European airports


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– American Express has a 3,000 points bonus Membership Rewards offer if you spends$200+ twice at US Marriott hotels

The terms and conditions are quite extensive on this one. New to me is that only one card per account login can have the bonus.