Alaska merges with Virgin America, $25 off Groundlink, bag fees in Brazil, Uber Self Driving Cars in the Bay Area & more

Posted on December 14, 2016 by in Travel Industry Flight Status


– Alaska Airlines and Virgin America formally announced their merger today; watch out for news about the merging loyalty programs

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Groundlink has a $25 off coupon GL25DEC valid until Dec 31st

Groundlink is a meta search for local transportation options

– passengers on Brazil have been lucky with bag fees so far, the law mandates one free check bag for domestic flights – this is about to change as the law changes March 2017

– interesting story about a Thomas Cook pilot who refused to fly because of fatigue (apparently he has a software to track his own fatigue); he got suspended and went to court and won!

Captain Mike Simkins was suspended by Thomas Cook Airlines for six months and threatened with dismissal after refusing to fly his Boeing 767 with over 200 passengers due to being fatigued. Captain Simkins took the case to an Employment Tribunal which unanimously found in his favour and against the airline.

Simkins took the difficult decision not to fly after three extremely early starts in a row, including one 18-hour day, and what would have been a 19-hour day to follow. Thomas Cook’s own fatigue monitoring software showed that because of the run of duties he had done, if he had flown his rostered flight he would have landed at the end of his duty with a predicted performance loss that would have been similar to being four times over the legal alcohol limit for flying.

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– Uber is bringing their self-driving VW Touareg to the Bay Area starting today; it’s just 10 vehicles but I really hope I’ll get one

Is there a driver in the car? There is an experienced vehicle operator who will be in the driver seat to ensure a smooth ride. See what it looks like here.

What does it cost? The price of a ride in a Self-Driving Uber is the same price as an uberX.

Singapore Airlines is bringing the A350 to Houston soon; early reports don’t give the new Business Class the best votes as the seat is really SHORT