Earn 8,000 Miles & More or 10,000 Flying Blue miles with a two night hotel stay (Pointshound)

Posted on December 12, 2016 by in Hotel deals with Points

Pointshound has updated their (excellent) offers to earn miles with hotel stays.

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Earn 10,000 Flying Blue miles with a two night stay Link to offer

This offer had 12,000 miles associated with it before. You can only get the bonus miles for your FIRST booking.

Compared to my prior searches it seems the Pointshound search yields much fewer results with hotels under $100. They still exists but they are not as plentiful as before.

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– Earn 8,000 Miles & More miles with your first two night hotel booking

This offer was 6,000 Miles & More miles for your first booking for a one night stay before. The search results are exactly the same as for the Flying Blue offer. By booking through the Miles & More offer you agree that it is for ‘personal travel’ the Flying Blue offer is a ‘business travel’ offer. Both of these seem rather hard to prove.

If you haven’t made use of these offers make sure you consider them carefully. While a little hidden there are usually ‘free cancellation’ offers for each hotel. Your credit card will be charged right away but you can cancel and should get your money back.