20,000 miles per hotel stay, Norwegian going crazy in Argentina?, Ethiopian starts Jakarta flights, Uber’s stunning loss, new Air India award chart, Delta and AeroMexico JV

MightyTravels 2016-12-21 at 10.37.37 AM

AirBerlin topbonus and Rocketmiles are offering up to 20,000 miles for a hotel stay

I made some example searches for Hanoi that came up with a $300 and 18,000 miles offer right away. The double miles are only for stays booked before December 31st. Still a great offer!

The biggest risk AirBerlin might not make it but Lufthansa will likely allow a 1:1 transfer if they buy the airline.

– OMG Norwegian now wants to start an airline inside Argentina operating domestic flights!

Ethiopian is launching Jakarta service on their 787 (after Singapore), great move!

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– Bloomberg reports of the stunning $3bn losses for Uber in 2016

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Air India’s loyalty program is launching a new way to redeem for 5,000/10,000 miles for short haul redemptions from certain Star Alliance hubs

For the life of it – I can’t figure out which redemption actually are allowed and how much they cost.

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Qatar Airways has a discount code for 15% off – use THANKYOU2016 – how fitting!

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– Delta and AeroMexico are huffing and puffing over their partnership – good for them – lower fares this will mean? no!