Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Virgin America, Marriott, Frontier, WOW Air, Avianca, Turkish Airlines, Norwegian, Hilton Hawaii, Kaligo

Unlike prior years it seems most airlines and hotel chains have a Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale now – here are some of teh most interesting we found.

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Airline Credit Cards

Virgin America’ sale seems especially interesting for short hauls ectors

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Marriott is having their excellent sale once again

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Frontier does not want to be left behind as well

– WOW Air gives you 20% off their flights using promotion code WOWPURPLEFRIDAY

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Airline Credit Cards

Avianca also has a proper Black Friday sale on now – with seemingly very low fares to Latin America

Turkish Airlines has a 40% off sale for all destinations expect Turkey – too bad the website is unavalable right now, so we could not learn details

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Norwegian has another 20-30% off their already excellent fares when you use BLACKFRIDAY16 promo code

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Kaligo offers double airline miles for any hotel booking through their portal

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Hilton Hawaii has a Black Friday sale for their Hawaii properties