Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates get you cheap flights and hotels around the world

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Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates

Our new sister sites Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates can help you travel the world for cheaper! Find your next bargain flight on Mighty Fares or discount hotel deal on Mighty Rates with our daily posts. We don’t just publish US deals – with global flights from Argentina to Zimbabwe and worldwide hotel brands from Accor to Starwood, there’s something for everyone.

We’ve written handy guides so you can get the best out of using both sites; start here for Mighty Fares and here for Mighty Rates. Subscribe to flights or hotels in cities or countries and get them delivered straight to your email, giving you more chance to bag a bargain – like this great, cheap flight from Los Angeles to China’s Jinan for $398 RT – that’s only 3.1 cents per mile flown:

Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates

You could automatically get a bunch of deals by email where we’ve already done a chunk of the legwork for you:

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Mighty Fares

Check out some more of our recent Mighty Fares posts:


Los Angeles (LAX) to Istanbul (IST) just $421 RT with United (2.8 cpm!)

Read up on what to do in town with our Istanbul guide.


Cairo (CAI) to Guangzhou (CAN) only $258 RT with EgyptAir (2.4 cpm!)


New York (LGA) to Denver (DEN) just $107 RT with several airlines (3.3 cpm!)

Mighty Rates

Now check out some of our recent Mighty Rates posts:

Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates

 The UK DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bristol City Centre from just $63.62 per night in March, 2017!

Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates

The Hyatt Regency Fairfax, Virginia, from only $95.04 per night in November, 2016!

Mighty Fares and Mighty Rates

The Hilton Strasbourg in France from just $72.24 per night in May, 2017!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out MightyFares and MightyRates now and save on your next trip and beyond!