Delta Sky Club San Francisco Review

Posted on November 5, 2016 by in Airline Reviews, Best use American Express Membership Rewards, Delta Skymiles


After years with a rather ridiculous club at San Francisco’s Terminal 1, Delta reopened its Sky Club. Courtesy of my American Express Platinum card, I wanted to try it before my flight to Los Angeles last week.

The Sky Club moved from outside security (never a good sign!) to past security and since Delta uses the terminal almost exclusively, the lines are minimal, especially with TSA Pre✓.

The Delta Sky Club San Francisco is done remarkably well, and you see that as soon as you enter. It’s that modern, fresh, open and yet understated style of luxury that airports have now. It’s a bit like the American Airlines Flagship Lounge at JFK.







The Sky Club at SFO is huge, but it still got pretty busy around 11AM. I was able to see both the breakfast and lunch spreads and thought they were excellent. It was real food that was decidedly healthy and fresh. While the espresso maker didn’t really turn out drinkable coffee, there were other small things that were great; there was sparkling water, mangoes, many salads and a soup that actually smelled and tasted yummy.





The WiFi is provided by AT&T which is often a bad omen, but it works well at around 5 MBit.


San Francisco International Airport now has some top-notch lounges. It’s not as luxurious as Los Angeles, but the United Club Lounge at the International Terminal (which can be accessed from the domestic terminal behind security), the excellent Amex Centurion Lounge and now the excellent Delta Sky Club make you spoilt for choice.

The Admirals Club now needs to up its game, especially given the premium pax for American’s 3-class New York flights.

4 / 5 stars