90,000 Virgin Atlantic card is back, 1,600 free Marriott points, WOW Air in Pittsburgh, Scoot and TigerAir merge and more

Posted on November 8, 2016 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– Bank of America (again) has the 90,000 Virgin Atlantic credit card offer available – thsi is a great offer but keep in mind that it requires a lot of spending (HT Reddit)

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– Aeroplan has a up to 30% of bonuses available when you transfer in hotel points

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– marketing company Chirpify offers 1,600 free Marriott Rewards points and La Quinta points if you connect your social media accounts with your rewards profile

Keep in mind that they do this so they can data mine your social media and sell that information back to the rewards program. It’s the same thing Facebook does with all our data just more targeted.

Follow this link for Marriott

Follow this link for La Quinta


– WOW Air is starting flights from Pittsburgh – and has a number of dates in September/ October 2017 for $228 Round Trip


– Singapore Airlines is retiring the Tiger brand in favor of Scoot

– both Air China and Hainan Airlines are planning direct flights from Chongqing to the US


– RwandaAir is planning flights to the US once they have the A350 delivered and their new airport – this won’t be for another two years

– interesting numbers from Ryanair – the company sees weaker yields but has no trouble selling seats at an average fare of ~$60 all day long

In fact they have started to target higher load factors with lower prices. How can customers not love that – I wish airlines in America would do that!

– for some odd cold war reason Norwegian was never allowed to fly over Russia (unlike former state carrier SAS), but now Russia took delivery of a plane load of vodka….