2,000 Lifemiles per Sixt rental, Munich – Los Angeles just $1,705 in Business Class, Mexico City just $231 Rt from most US cities and more

Posted on November 10, 2016 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– American is finally getting rid of more GoGo installations in exchange for ViaSat’s satellite WiFi

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– Sixt and Lifemiles have an interesting promotion that gives 2,000 Lifemiles per rental

1,000 Miles on your first rental
1,500 Miles on your second rental
2,000 Miles on your third rental

The rental car rates seem to match prices you would find somewhere else.

– No you don’t have to fly from Cairo – Business Class from Munich to Los Angeles now costs almost the same – $1,705 RT on OneWorld (HT vielfliegertreff.de)

Keep in mind British Airways offers triple Avios for transatlantic flights and American offers bonus miles as well.

– Flights to Mexico City from most US airports are now just $231 with American Airlines (HT TPG)

I doubt it’s a reaction to the presidential election as American had such sales before. However there are many more US cities included this time. It’s also available for almost any date. Mexico City is a fantastic city destination and I’d jump on this.