Emirates warns about drones, Singapore Airlines adds Cape Town, British adds Oakland, unlimited California private jet travel using miles & More

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– Emirates is getting really concerned about airport closures triggered by drones at DXB airport apparently

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– Fascinating – Half of Heathrow’s 25,000 noise complaints are made by the same 10 people

– Singapore Airlines is about to announce Cape Town service on the new A350-900 – it’s not sure yet if that is gonna be a tag on to the Johannesburg flights or a direct

– Delta now has WiFi on all long-haul planes

– British Airways has a lot of fans in the SF Bay Area (certainly no Miles & Points fans) and after their twice daily San Francisco flights and their San Jose flight they are now adding Oakland service. That is almost 1,200 people it can carry EVERY DAY to the UK

– Southwest is finally appreciating the potential it has beyond the US mainland borders

“Five years from now I’d love for Southwest to be in Hawaii, serving Canada, more destinations in the Caribbean and no doubt we’ll have more flights into Mexico,” said Kelly on Monday.

He added that the 737 MAX, a more fuel efficient model of Boeing’s most popular commercial aircraft, will open up even more destinations to Southwest.

“I think the [737] MAX in particular is a better airplane from what we have today for Hawaii but it definitely gives us hundreds of miles of additional range,” explained Kelly.

He said that new aircraft could even make some South American destinations feasible including Bogota, Colombia.

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