The Search for Hyatt Friends and Family Rates and the current Hyatt promotions

Posted on October 14, 2016 by in Friends & Family, Hotel deals with Points, World of Hyatt

Hyatt Friends and Family Rates

What are Hyatt Friends and Family Rates?

Hyatt Friends and Family Rates do exist, but unfortunately for those who don’t have any contacts in this hotel chain, they tend to remain very hidden from the masses. We asked Hyatt Concierge about this particular rate, who responded that the code needs to be given to you by an employee:

Hyatt Friends and Family Rates

While Hyatt Concierge also let us know that the code is the same for all employees (so one generic code rather than each employee given their own code to distribute), it seems that no-one is willing to give it up to the public as we can’t find it anywhere! Now that is one well-kept secret.

How much can I save with Hyatt Friends and Family Rates?

If you’re lucky enough to know an employee and have the code to get a Friends and Family discount, then you can enter it on the Hyatt website in the search box under ‘Special Offer Code’:

Hyatt Friends and Family Rates

The discount amount varies depending on the property and availability – there’s no set reduction.

What else do I need to know about Hyatt Friends and Family Rates?

The Friends and Family discount is said to be immediately available once someone is employed with Hyatt. Employees of this hotel chain often rate the benefits such as free and discounted rooms to be the best perk of the job, though popular properties can get booked up well in advance.

Tell me about the current Hyatt promotions…

As consolation for not being privy to the super-secret Hyatt Friends and Family code, here’s some bonus points offers!

Hyatt Friends and Family Rates

You can earn an easy 500 Gold Passport points when you book your next stay on the app or the Hyatt mobile site through November 30th, 2016. You need to book an eligible rate and complete your stay by November 30th, 2016. If you don’t yet have the Hyatt app, you can download it here for Android or here for iOS.

Hyatt Friends and Family Rates

Also through the end of November, you can earn 5,000 bonus Hyatt Gold Passport points after your first five eligible nights and thousands more for each additional five nights, up to 25 nights – the latter of which nets you a whopping 75,000 bonus points!

Hyatt Friends and Family Rates

If you’re planning a stay in Las Vegas, you can earn 20% bonus Gold Passport points on eligible spend at 13 Hyatt properties through December 29th, 2016 when you register by then. You do need to be a member of Mlife Rewards as well as Gold Passport, however, though both are free to join.