The Search for Wyndham Friends and Family Rates and the current Wyndham promotions

Posted on October 24, 2016 by in Friends & Family, Hotel deals with Points, Wyndham Rewards

Wyndham Friends and Family Rates

What are Wyndham Friends and Family Rates?

Friends and family rates do exist for employees of US Wyndham Hotels, although it’s not advertised too well to the general public. In the past, family members could book a cheaper rate and would have to take along an authorized discount voucher when checking in:

Wyndham Friends and Family Rates

There’s no current voucher available to the public (the above voucher expired in 2012), but that could just mean that it’s now only kept on the Wyndham portal for staff to access, as it may have been abused in the past.

Wyndham Asia Pacific, however, clearly states that the benefits for working for this chain include employee hotel discounts as well as ones for their relatives and friends, and they also even state the cost in Australian dollars of discounted nightly rates for employees:

Wyndham Friends and Family Rates

Note that hotel chain friends and family discounts always tend to be more expensive than employee ones, though.

Unfortunately for those who don’t have any contacts in this hotel chain, whether in the US, Asia Pacific or elsewhere, the friends and family code tends to remain very hidden from the masses. It could be because Wyndham Hotels is a franchisor, so it would make sense that there isn’t a generic code to use across the board; if there is a current generic code, it must be one well-kept secret, as we couldn’t find it anywhere!

How much can I save with Wyndham Friends and Family Rates?

If each property owner writes and enforces their own room rates, then there won’t be a specific discount rate, so the amount is likely to vary depending on the individual property and availability. An employee at a Wyndham property in Indianapolis simply stated that the employee discount is ‘great’, so long as the hotel allows it:

Wyndham Friends and Family Rates

What else do I need to know about Wyndham Friends and Family Rates?

Another staff member stated that Wyndham employee discounts, including ones for friends and relatives, are excellent, so while we can’t tell you the exact discount, as it likely varies, it does seem worth it to know someone at Wyndham.

Tell me about the current Wyndham promotions…

As consolation for not being privy to the super-secret Wyndham Hotels Friends and Family code, here’s some bonus points offers!

Wyndham Friends and Family Rates

Wyndham Rewards members earn 500 bonus points when staying a Friday or Saturday night, 1,000 bonus points when staying one night Sunday to Thursday or 2,000 bonus points when staying 2 nights or more during the week. Just log in to your Rewards account and book the applicable Best Available Rate at a participating hotel and complete your stay to earn the bonus.

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Wyndham Friends and Family Rates

Alternatively, this offer may work out better for you. Book a participating stay of at least two nights arriving on a weekday (Sunday through Thursday) up to November 28th, 2016, to save $10 off each night as well as earn 200 bonus points.